Designing a Teacher Portfolio

As a teacher lead in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I designed the Teacher Portfolio process for our end-of-year reflection. The purpose of such a portfolio is to document and inspire growth in curricular vision, teacher identity and classroom practice.

Teacher Portfolio Template for Each Area of Practice:
A. What are your values when you think about this area of your work? Make a visual representation.
B. What new insights have you gained over the past year? Include artifacts that demonstrate these insights.
C. Tell a story from your practice that highlights one of these insights. Include images if possible.
D. How do these insights help you understand the role of the teacher in your context? Can include quotations from foundational sources including the teacher’s guide, student reader, devotional texts, speeches, and poetry.
E. What are your aspirations for future learning in this area?

Understanding Research Articles

As part of our professional development, my mentee in Dar es Salaam expressed interest in reading an article on Globalization and Values, in order to provide a broad horizon for our work in religious education. Together, we devised an in-depth mind-mapping process that would allow us to make meaning of the article and then extract general insights to be shared with our international faculty and leadership. As we prototyped, we checked in with one another about whether the process was in fact deepening our understanding. At these check-in points, we either modified or continued the process together.

In the Present Blue (2010), mixed media