Full name

Noorin Fazal


Learning Experience (LX) Designer


Toronto, Canada


What does it mean to be human? Exploring this question every day at the intersection of learning design, inclusion, and creativity.


Noorin Fazal is passionate about learning. She is driven by human-centred curriculum design, community engagement, arts- and technology-based literacy, and equity and inclusion practices. Noorin has taught, facilitated, and mentored internationally (Canada, USA, UK, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago).

Noorin began teaching in 2007 as part of the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP). STEP is a double Master's program at the Institute of Education, UCL, currently ranked 1st in the world for Education. As part of STEP, Noorin has taught over 600 students aged 12-18. In December 2015, Noorin led a STEP Design Thinking Hackathon based on Pluralism in Canada.

Noorin serves as Program Director for Story Planet, a non-profit storymaking community dedicated to helping kids and teens discover and develop their voices through art, digital media and writing. Story Planet focuses on under-resourced communities in greater Toronto.

Noorin has consulted for many enterprises, including the National Film Board of Canada, the Aga Khan Museum, Big Ideas Summer Studio, and 2 emerging EdTech startups based in California's Bay Area.

In Toronto's art and design community, Noorin is involved in the Feminist Art Conference, an organization that brings together artists, academics, and activists to consider issues of gender through art. She is also an artist in the AKIN Collective, and a member of The SIDELab, a think-tank for innovative approaches to social change in Toronto.

Noorin is an active intercultural and interfaith ambassador, and has worked with the North American Interfaith Network; Interfaith Institute for Justice, Peace and Social Movements; the InterSpiritual Centre for Vancouver Society; and Project Interfaith.

Photo Credit: Marlon James, Tobago, 2015